About Us

We Love Motorcycles and the Outdoors

We are passionate about our bikes and the outdoors.

Leather Products

Timeless and classic, leather products to enhance, protect and add value to your adventure


Our hand-picked gear compliemnts you when out on the open road


The essentials to keep the body and mind fueled up for what lies ahead


A selection of essential items to make your riding or travelling more comfortable

A few ideas to add to your list

01. personal

Got your spork ready?

02. Explore

Sadly we all need to

03. Survival

Part of the fun

04. Clothing

Just in case

About Company

The Moto Shack was born out of the pure enjoyment for motorcycles, camping and the outdoors.

Our Mission

To incite passion, excitement, a sense of adventure and camaraderie in all the people we meet along the way.

Our History

30+ years of riding & spending time at rallies, festivals or just solo in the wilderness, we feel we can add to your next adventure.

We Have OLD


We don’t take ourselves too seriosly, but we are very serious when it comes to customer service and quality.

Why Choose Us

Passion. Honesty. Integrity. 

 And the will to enjoy life no matter what it throws our way.


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0330 122 6451

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