Camping in France is a good experience. For campers, they usually bring their own tents but some campsites can provide the tents. There are different kinds of tents for you to use. What varies is usually the size depending on the number of people who are going to use them. The tent options available when camping in France is not too different from camping anywhere else, it all depends on your needs.

France is blessed with miles of beaches, rich valleys and scenic mountains. It is a perfect camping ground for tourists and locals alike. Some would argue, of course, but with thousands of camping sites scattered all over the country, who would claim otherwise. Okay, in general the landscape might not be the perfect camping experience for outdoor enthusiasts or camping purists, but still a good number of campers are enjoying themselves in France.

Being the third largest country in Europe and having such a diverse landscape, it is no wonder why people enjoy staying outdoors in this vast country. And as an added grandeur to the wonderful landscape, the rich culture and the history of towns and villages have created a very interesting place.

You can get a single or double size tent if you go camping in France. These kinds are readily available in any outdoor shops. You practically have a variety of brands and features to choose from. But, regardless of the brands these are basic tents and are quite ideal if you’re traveling alone or in pairs. Traveling alone is a pretty lonely thing to do especially if you’re going to a place as beautiful as France. You definitely need someone to share the experience with.

If you’re going with a larger group, your whole family perhaps, a larger tent would be required. There are family size tents available in sports or camping shops as well but you can make your own from cheaper materials. It may not be as stylish as the ones commercially available but it still as effective. The same tent can be folded and loaded in your car and can be set up when you arrived at the campsite. Since you’re going camping in France, you will be more conscious on the cost effectiveness of your trip which is why making your own tents is another way to save some cash on your trip.

Aside from tent camping though, France also offers some areas where mobile caravans or mobile homes are the main forms of accommodations in campsites. Mobile homes can be rented for weeks and can be used to travel all around the country. With the amenities included in the mobile caravan, a certain degree of comfort is being provided to the campers. To some this is a better way of spending their vacation in France. To each his own as they say. Some would prefer the comfort over the absolute outdoor experience.

But one more kind of camping accommodation that is being offered in some campsites in France is the built in tent camp facility. These are campsites where you actually need to book in advance to make sure that you have a tent to go to when you arrive. These kinds of campsites are a little exclusive with a whole bunch of amenities that will help make your holiday as comfortable as possible. You might have to pay something extra because of the added services.

You have several tent options when you go camping in France. You can either bring your own, settle with a mobile caravan, or go to campsites that have their own camping facilities.

With the right planning and the proper budgeting, you will be able to determine which kind of camping accommodation to go for.

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