There is always room for improvement in all we do, and motocamping is no exception. This list is personal to me but hopefully will help as a starting point or at least a guide for those that may be questioning what to use on their travels.

1 – Ziplock bags

Probably one of the most useful little things to pack, multitude of uses, washable and re-usable.

2 – Multi-tool (with bottle opener/corkscrew!)

Beer, wine, cans and tins – always good to have a backup opener…

3 – Fire starters and / or waterproof matches

Some gas stoves have an igniter, but in case you want to light a fire, bbq or the igniter isnt there, something like waterproof matches and/or robust lighter of some sort is always advantageous.

4 – Water container

Kind of a no brainer eally, although I tent to take 2 types with me; the larger one when i am stationary in incamp and an aluminium one when riding and making a brew on the road.

5 – Extra tarp

OK maybe this one isn’t top of the list for me, and to be honest I dont always carry one, but never-the-less useful in UK climate when it is almost guaranteed to rain at some point.

6 – Wet wipes (biodegradable)

This little fellows sure do come in useful, and you can put them in the ziplock bags when used and then recycle when you come across a recycle bin.

7 – LED headlamp/torch

I like the idea of a wind up torch as no batteries to worry about. They are inexpensive and some have USB or solar capabilities which is a bonus. I personally also carry a head torch useful when trying to light the bbq at night…

8 – Multi-purpose pot and gas stove

One of the core bits of equipment for me is the ability to heat water and food and to be able to drink/eat it. There are so many permutations of this, and the image above is a simple solution. But a separate little burner with a small gas canister and a titanium mug/pot also work wonders as well.

9 – Camp chair

I am not a small guy by any means, so a chair that can take my weight is worth its weight in gold. That being said, no reason to sacrifice comfort for practicality, as these thing pack down quite small and don’t weight too much. Oh and they are affordable.

10 – Spork

The trusty spork – comes in so many variations, the titanium one as above is one that is durable and lightweight at least. Not the cheapest but good value for money and as I mentioned durable and should last you a good few years.

In conclusion

These are by no means exclusive as I would add a micro-fibre towel, and few other bits, but for starters i feel these are at least worth looking at or something similar, and the idea also being that they are not overly expensive, are eco-friendly where possible and re-usable.

If you have any more suggestions let me know, thanks.

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